Mateusz (Kerev) Małys

For over 10 years I am helping companies from around the world to create products that provide meaningful and relevant experiences to users.
I achieve it through understanding context of usage, specifying user requirements, designing solutions and evaluating them on every step with the end users.



Trae Winterton

Sr. UX Researcher at Workfront

”Mateusz has impressed me over and over again with his ability to make progress in the face of road blocks. As a researcher who helped to support his team, he would come to me with a plan already built and ask what needed to be improved. Many other people I work with always want their hand held from step 1. He owns his success. Polite, yet straight forward, he’s a pleasure to collaborate with. He has a strong ability to audit an experience flow and all of it’s moving parts. This has been impressive time and time again and even more useful in his design work. Hire him. You won’t regret it.“

Krzysztof Witalewski

Front-end developer

” I worked with Mateusz on multiple projects during my time at Workfront. He proved not only to deliver great, well thought designs, but also to be able to perform UI/UX audit and provide valuable insights while the team was working on specifications of new or refactored functionality. With his up-to-date knowledge end sense of aesthetics, I couldn’t recommend him more as a UX Designer. “

Artur Mikołajewski

Project Manager at Allwelt International

” Mateusz, is a very dutiful person. Performs projects within a specified timeline. He is communicative and understanding. “

Brooke Bell

Lead UX Designer at Workfront

”I have worked alongside Mateusz for nearly a year now. During this past year together I have witnessed Mateusz excel at his position as a designer, as well as continually push himself and his research. Mateusz’s work on our proofing tool has been an incredible contribution to this team and company. The proof tool that he has helped design and iterate on is one of Workfront’s highest valued features and consistently one of our top performing areas. Mateusz has taken on responsibilities well-beyond his core job role and has been an important part of the success of the Workfront UX team. His input has been incredibly vital to the success of several projects we’ve worked on together and I appreciate his positive attitude when approaching new ideas and changes. His incredible attention to detail, process and understanding has shown his ambition and his willingness to continually produce value. I have been so lucky to work alongside Mateusz and know that success will follow him wherever his next career move takes him.“

David Minasyan

UX Designer at Workfront

” It’s always a pleasure to work with such a strong professional and a great personality. We’ve been working together on the same project over a year and it’s been always a treat for me. I highly recommend Mateusz as a UX professional who has an outstanding background in UX Design and deep understanding of users. “

Ewelina Ebertowska

Student of Adam Mickiewicz University

” Matthew is a person who is fully engaged in what he do, his job is also his hobby. He is open minded and willing to share his knowledge, which comes from the passion and the continuous deepening it. He has a talent for creating functional websites that effectively help to promote the brand. “

Matt Bryan

UX Design Manager at Workfront

”Mateusz is a hard working data driven designer with a growth mindset. He proactively looks for the “why” behind customer interaction and challenges the status quo appropriately. He’s also a pleasure to work with! If you get the opportunity to work with Mateusz, you should take it!“

Karolina Strachota

Executive Assistant at Workfront

” If you get to be as lucky as I am and work with Mateusz, the world will be your oyster! Mateusz has proven himself to be a hard-working, highly-skilled professional, as well as an amazing teammate, and a good friend. What is also worth mentioning is that Mateusz is experienced in working with international teams, across time zones, and thirsty for knowledge and new skills. I can definitely say that Mateusz is a graphic designer you want on your team. “

Magdalena Flis

Business Analyst and Project Manager

” In the project on which we worked together, Matthew turned out to be a committed and goal-oriented designer. Interfaces created by him were clean, transparent and in-line with current market trends. It was clear that his interest in modern technology translates into the quality of created projects. He identified himself with the product, which positively translated into motivation and enthusiasm for work. “